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CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow is a nursing pillow that has 5C s and more benefits for you and your baby!
  • Comfort : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow makes breastfeeding a pleasant experience for you and your baby. The polar fleece anti pilling fabric is gorgeously soft and comfortable to touch. It comes with a flat and wide support for your baby to rest on during breastfeeding.
  • Colors : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow comes in many colours to choose from with a wide range for baby boy and girl.
  • Convenience : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow is easy to carry or bring along with just a fold into half and sling it on your shoulder or toss it in your stroller, making it very portable.
  • Convertible : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow can be used as a booster seat in the car.
  • Compact : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow has an elastic loop to tie excess webbing. It can be easily folded into half, thus saving space when not in use.
Using super quality sponge with the first layer made of anti pilling super soft polar fleece fabric and the second layer made of nylon polyurethane laminated for waterproof effect, Cuddleme assures your comfort and lifetime usage of this pillow with great satisfaction.
No more worries with every liquid that may drop on the nursing pillow as its waterproof effect will prevent the liquid from seeping and absorbing into the sponge. Just use a handkerchief to wipe off the nursing pillow surface and you can use it again!
This nursing pillow is not only of high quality but comes with foldable unique designs and portable.
Equipped with small pocket in front of the nursing pillow to keep your small stuffs such as handkerchief, tissue, etc.
Washable easily. Simply remove the pillow cover from the sponge by unzipping the zipper and place the cover into the washing net (included). Machine wash the cover in cold water and dry flat.
Dimension : 50 x 40 x 10 cm (unpacked)
How to use it:
  1. Unfold the nursing pillow. Securely attach and strengthen the flap under the pillow.
  2. Get into a comfortable seated position.
  3. Place the pillow on your lap and secure around your waist.
  4. Place waist webbing around your waist and adjust necessary and lock the buckle.
  5. Position baby on the nursing pillow.
  6. Begin nursing.

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